Photo credit to my dear friend Michael Brandley

Photo credit to my dear friend Michael Brandley

I photograph love because I believe in it. I don’t believe in it in the way that a little girl believes in fairies or unicorns, a hopeful “I think it is real” kind of a belief, I believe in its power. I believe that love is the most important emotion we will feel in this lifetime and I believe it has the greatest ability for good. I believe that each human on this earth should have the opportunity to feel deeply loved and to love deeply themselves. I believe that love is something that should be treasured, cared for, and celebrated. 


I believe that a love between two people is constantly evolving. As we learn more about each other, overcome different obstacles together, and even as we see each other in a new light, or a new role, that love develops. Perhaps it grows deeper, or wider, or begins to mend a wound that had previously caused a hole inside us, and although it is constantly changing and growing and shifting, I believe that every phase of our love is special and unique and deserves to be cherished.


I was given my first real camera (a beautiful vintage film camera) in 2002 and even though I quickly I fell in love with the craft, enough so to get a BFA in photography, I didn’t find my true passion until I photographed my first wedding in 2012. It was then that I learned that photography can be so much more than a pretty picture, it can be a tool to show connection and a vehicle with which you can tell a beautiful story. It is the storytelling aspect that I love the most, the fact that with my art I get to freeze a memory, celebrate a moment, and capture something that may be cherished for a lifetime.


It is because of this art that I love, that I get invited into the lives of two complete strangers who open up to me and become dear friends. As they trust me, let me in, tell me all about who they are and what makes them tick, I have the privilege of telling their story. I love when a couple trusts me and allows me to capture the real genuine moments and emotions, when I get to show the laughter and the fun times as well as the intimate moments. It is always my wish that I will be able to show a glimpse of the hopes, the dreams, the connection, the real, the raw, the gut-busting laughter, the tears, the smiles, and everything in between. 



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