Park Slope and Greenwood Love Story Session - Brooklyn, New York : Brianne + Kevin

My favorite thing about Brianne + Kevin’s Love Story Session was how much fun we all had together, actually, more importantly, how much fun they had throughout the session. Brianne + Kevin decided to take me on a date night for their session and it was an absolute blast! We began the night in Park Slope at Wolf & Deer, the location of their first date and then headed down the block to Union Hall, their living room away from home. After a competitive game of bocce ball that we won’t mention the final score ;), a few drinks, and some cuddles on the couch, we took off to their house to pick up their pup Shep and go for a walk with him around their Greenwood neighborhood. It was perfectly them, it was fun, it was sweet, it was just another date night in the best possible way.

Brianne + Kevin first met years before they ever started dating and then met again for real and quickly fell in love. I always ask the couples I work with a few questions about their love, their lives, ect. and this answer from Kevin, I feel, perfectly sums up their relationship - it is real, it is honest, it is passionate, it is fun, it may have made me tear up a little because, I mean c'mon, does it get much more romantic than that???

“It feels to me as if there was no life before Brianne. That is where I feel my journey started. It’s like I was born one day and by the end of that day I was 21 years old. (A lot of stuff happened in that day.) And then, on the second day of my life, I met Brianne...and we hung out a few times, and a few more things happened, and by the end of that day, I was 24 years old. And then on the third day of my life, we met. We really, genuinely met. And that’s when life begins in a linear fashion.”

Cobble Hill Love Story Session - Brooklyn, New York : Lauren + Luke

Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. It's where Luke + Lauren have grown into their love. It's where they have spent many weekends amassing a list of favorite brunch spots and dive bars. It's their neighborhood. It's their home. 

We spent a beautiful morning together in their local park, wandering around their neighborhood, and grabbing coffee at one of their favorite restaurants. It was absolutely perfect.

Lauren + Luke radiate love and respect for each other. They truly are a team and you can see it in every aspect of their lives. They are fun, they are adventurous, and they are just an all together awesome couple. Go ahead and see for yourself, I dare you to tell me that the way they look at one another isn't adorable.

Park Slope Love Story Session - Brooklyn, New York : Carolyn + Josh

Sitting on the stoop of their very first apartment, we reminisced about terrifying encounters with giant cockroaches, frequent outings to Mr. Wonton - their neighborhood joint, and life together walking home along their beautifully blossomed Park Sloap street. Carolyn + Josh have the kind of love that just radiates off them. It's contagious, it makes them happy, and you can tell it makes everyone else around them happy too. They support each other, they build each other up, they cheer each other on and it is evident in the way they love.

Dobbin St Wedding - Brooklyn, New York : Alexandra + Jonathan

It truly was a day of celebration for Alex + Jon at their Dobbin St wedding. Every detail was in order, down to the matchbox wedding favors that Jon designed himself, and they were excited to celebrate every aspect of their love. From the sweetest words to each other ensuring there wasn't a dry eye around, to a $100 bet that Alex was very proud she won, the stage was set and the party was on!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to my second shooter Sarah Wight!

Venue : Dobbin St

Dress : Sarah Seven

Florals : Florabrook

Hair + Makeup : Lauren Aiello

Cake : Momofuku Milk Bar

DJ : DJ Mikey Palms

Bethpage Black Course Wedding - Long Island, New York : Clare + Mike

Love - it is what weddings are all about. Two people coming together, in love, to make a life together.

But in this wedding, in Clare + Mike's wedding, the love that could be felt was about even more. While the love between Clare + Mike was abundantly evident throughout the day, so was their love for their families and their friends. It was a day for an entire community to come together in support and celebration of two of the most gracious, kind, and heart felt people out there.

It truly was a day to remember, one filled with no-holding-back-emotions, huge hugs, happy tears, and enough laughter to last a lifetime, or in other words, it was just the best. Congratulations Clare + Mike, you two deserve all the happiness in the world!

A huge thank you to my additional shooters, Sarah Wight + Galina Kurlat, for shooting this wonderful wedding with me.

Ceremony Venue : Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

Reception Venue : Carlyle on the Green

Dress : Carolina Herrera

Florals : Wicks Florist

Hair + Makeup : MG Hair and Makeup

Invitation Suite and Signs : Scout Design Shop

Backyard Wedding - Farmington, Connecticut : Katie + Marcio


A true celebration of love - that is all I can think of when I reflect back on Katie + Marcio’s intimate backyard wedding. 

Love, family, togetherness. 

Happy tears and belly laughs.

Married in the backyard of Katie’s colonial Connecticut home, their guests felt more like one giant family then anything else as everyone there was welcomed with huge hugs and open arms.

Katie + Marcio’s love for each other is one for the ages, it can be felt as well as seen. It is soft and tender while still playful and joyous, but the thing that stuck out to me the most was how their love extended beyond just the two of them. Katie + Marcio are two of the most heartfelt and genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and everyone celebrating with them was encompassed in this love.

I felt completely honored to get to be a witness of this special love drenched day and felt even more honored that my mentor, Ashley Caroline, would ask me to shoot along her side for the wedding of her very best friend! 

Ferry Boat Engagement Session - New York, New York : Courtney + Mariano


Courtney + Mariano have the type of love that I as a photographer dream about - the kind that is tangible - that you can see in their eyes and feel in their presence.

Their story is a sweet one - boy meets girl, boy lives in New Jersey, girl lives in New York, boy and girl take the ferry almost every day to see each other, they fall in love, boy proposes and they decide to take their engagement photos on that very same ferry boat they spent so much time riding while dating - it is them, it is their story, and I just love when an engagement session gets to be so personal!

Even now, looking back on their photos, I just can't get over the way Courtney's face lights up when she looks at Mariano or the soft way Mariano pulls her in. This is the type of love I could photograph each and every day, this is the reason I love what I do!

Coronado Island Adventures : San Diego, California

California for Christmas means getting to spend time with the family, delicious food, warm weather, sunshine (oh you beautiful sun, how I do love you), and adventures! If I could travel the world with my camera in hand, exploring a new place every few days I think I would be one happy woman, I live for adventure! Coronado Island was the perfect little town for an afternoon of exploration, it’s magical combination historic architecture and the native greenery along the beach created an element of something beautifully spectacular that I couldn’t resist trying to capture.

Central Park Winter Wedding - New York, New York : Nicki + Dallin


When both the Bride + Groom are busting at the seams with excitement on their wedding day, it’s impossible not to feel the excitement in the air, fresh snow had fallen just that morning and it was a perfect day for a winter wedding! Nicki + Dallin were married in the presence of their family and a few close friends in an private ceremony in the Manhattan LDS Temple after which we headed over to Central Park for pictures and a celebration. I still can't get over each elegant element of their intimate wedding, from their rings to her flowers, I'm so in love with every detail and don't even get me started on their love!

Prospect Park Picnic House Wedding - Brooklyn, New York : Laura + Adam


When I first heard that Laura + Adam would be leading their wedding guests on a processional through the brownstone lined streets of Brooklyn Heights to the Brooklyn Bridge Promenade accompanied by a live brass band, I knew this was going to be a wedding for the books! As it turns out I couldn't even imagine how thrilling this day would be! I am overjoyed to be sharing the story of Laura + Adam's wedding day as my first official blog post on my brand new website. Everything about this wedding was perfect, from both the Bride and Groom getting ready at the Standard Hotel, to Adam surprising his new bride with her dream ride to their reception and their misty sunset pictures in Prospect Park! I just can't get over this beautiful day! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! A huge thank you to my friend and mentor Ashley Caroline for letting me shoot beside her!